Action Builder

The Action builder is a very important part of GAPP. With the Action builder you can create almost any selection you like without any knowledge of macros or scripts. Creating geocache selections has never been so easy. After you create the selections (flows), you can save them and execute them later with just one mouse click.

On this page you will be guided step by step on how to create an Action builder flow. After reading this page and watching the complete demo, you will be able to create very  extensive selections within a few minutes.

This tutorial

In this tutorial we create a flow that will select geocaches with the following criteria:

  • Within 30km of center
  • Active, available geocaches
  • Traditional or Mutli geocachers
  • Not my own geocaches
  • I have not found already
  • Maximum of 500 geocaches

This is a very basic selection, but it is a good first start to get familiar with the Action builder.


Creating a flow

To create a new flow, you start the Action builder through the menu Action, Action Builder and Edit. Next you enter the name for the flow and press the New button as shown below

You will then see a new flow with a Start box. This is the start of the flow.

Filters, Actions and Execute once actions

A flow can exists out of filters, actions and execute once actions. Filters can be found on the left side of the editor.

Filters are used to control the flow of the geocaches. A filter has an entry, in which geocaches are entering and exit connections. Depending on the condition, geocaches exit at different connectors. An example can be seen below.

The geocaches enter from the top (green line) and if the distance is less or equal than 30km, then the geocaches continue through the purple connection line.

Actions are typically located at the end of the flow, because they don't have an exit connector. Actions can be found on the right side of the editor.

An often used action is the 'Set Selected' which sets the selected state of every geocache that enters the action. The action will be executed on all geocaches that enters the action.

Execute once actions are a special kind of action. They will execute the action as soon as 1 geocache enters the action, but after that it won't execute the action again, even if other geocaches are entering the block. A typical Execute once action is to clear all selections. Execute once actions can be found on the right side of the editor.

Building the flow

The video below will describe how to build the flow.