GAPP is designed to be user friendly. Great care has been taken to keep the complexity to a minimum, but due to the large amount of features it is likely that at some point you need help. There are several ways to get help. You can get help by the community, instruction videos or by contacting us directly....


Users can create scripts and plugins. The difference between scripts and plugins is that scripts are C# files that are processed by the application and plugins are pre-compiled .NET assemblies.

For creating scripts or plugins it is necessary to understand the structure and behaviour of the application. The application consists out of 3 parts:

  • Framework; the framework contains Data definitions (like Geocache), Interface (like IPlugin) and event definitions.
  • Plugins; the plugins are the features within the application.
  • Core; the core acts as a data container (e.g. it holds the Geocache collection) and it loads the plugins.

GAPP is an Open Source project and the source can be found on GitHub.